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Communication expert

tipcall.io brought the missing pieces in my online consultancy work. It took off me daunting and time-consuming administration tasks and let me focus on my professional work.

I love watching earnings grow after each call I make!

Business Consultant

Being in consultancy business for 18 years, I was looking for an easy way for my customers to book online consultations with me, also taking care of payments. Existing tools covered only parts of this process. Trying tipcall.io, I was pleasantly surprised by its ease and how well it fits my needs. A really nice and convenient tool!

Content Developer

A friend told me about tipcall.io. Creating an account was free and easy so I could get my tipcall.io profile link to share to my clients and my social network. I began receiving my first bookings! Tipcall also provided video calling and chat so my clients just clicked the link and got connected.

Tipcall.io is now a part of my digital identity.

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Tips & Tricks
  • Create offers with an interesting topic and title
  • Set availability for a longer period of time
  • Share a link to your offers on your social networks
  • Ask for feedback from your clients after the call
  • Go all out to help clients in calls with them