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Frequently asked questions

What is, and how does it work? is a web application designed for anyone who wants to earn money by providing online video calls. It's a useful tool for consultants, teachers, coaches, psychologists, lawyers, and anyone offering online consultations, training or therapy sessions. We'll further refer to them as 'Hosts'. takes care of call scheduling, receiving payments and invoicing, allowing Hosts to focus on their main job - serving their clients.

Hosts create their public profile with a description about their experience and one or several offerings. An offering is any online activity that Hosts provide to their clients. It can include consultations, training, workshops, or brainstorming sessions. Hosts set the duration and price for each offering.

Hosts also set time periods when they are available for booking. 

When public profile, offerings and availability is set up, Hosts share the link to their profile or specific offering to their clients using email, social networks, QR codes, displays in conferences etc. 

Client open the link and book time with the host for their selected offering. Client must place payment to complete booking. Client receives Join link in email and when planned call time comes, Host and Client connects to online video call on platform. Read more about online calls

When call is complete, Host receives payment. An invoice to Client is created on behalf of Host and sent to both parties. 

Call earnings are accumulated, and hosts can request withdrawals at any time. 
How much does cost?
For hosts, creating their public profile, managing offerings and getting bookings is completely free. A 7% commission is deducted from each completed online call. 

Clients book calls paying a fee Host has set for selected offering.
What happens if the host or client can't make the scheduled time?
Host and Client can reschedule or cancel the call before the planned start time. Client can reschedule or cancel the call no later than 12 hours before it starts. 

If booked call is canceled, Client payment is refunded.

Rescheduling and cancelation options are available in the emails received after the booking is confirmed. Hosts can always manage their booked calls from their dashboard.
What features are available during online video call?
During the video call, the following options are available:
  • share screen,
  • send text messages and files,
  • book next call,
  • add extra free 10 minutes (for Host only).

We do not currently offer video recording or whiteboard options. If these features are essential for you, please let us know by sending a message to or Sign up for an account to receive product updates.
How is different from Upwork, and other similar platforms? is not a resource or service marketplace. On, each host has its own personal profile, accessible only to visitors with the link that the host shares with its clients.

For Hosts - Getting started

Am I eligible to register as a Host?
To register as a Host on, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to register as a Host.
  2. Legal Status: Hosts must be legal persons, which means you should become a  registered individual, or a company. This is necessary for Host to legally issue invoices and handle taxes.

If you meet both of these criteria, you are welcome to Sign up! If you don't yet have a legal status, you can try-out services like Abillio which takes care of your legal setup, VAT invoicing, accounting and TAX payments. 
How do Hosts register on
Hosts can register using their social account (Google) or by providing an email and password. Host must be legal entity - a company or registered individual with or without VAT number. Sign up and try for free now!
What is a Host's public profile, and how is it created?
Each Host has a public profile with a unique link (a subdomain of, like By default, the link is set to the Host's name entered during registration, but Host can customize it and change it later.
What is an "offering" on
An offering is any type of online service provided by a Host, such as consultations or training. It includes a title, price, duration, and can be set as Published or Hidden.
What is a 'Hidden' offering?
A hidden offering is not visible on Host's public profile but still is accessible via a link Host can copy and share with its clients. This is a useful feature for creating special offerings with discounts or for specific seminar or conference participants, for example.

For Hosts - Availability and Bookings

How do Hosts set their availability for bookings?
Hosts can create weekly time slots for availability, with the option to override time slots for specific days in the future.
What if I forgot about the call?
Don't worry - we'll send a reminder email to you 24 hours and 1 hour before the call. Additionally, you can add the booking to your calendar by opening the attached calendar invite (.ics) file we will send to you in the booking confirmation email.
Do you have a calendar synchronisation with external calendar apps?
We don't have it yet, but we are planning to provide it soon. If this feature is essential for you, please let us know which calendar platform you use and how you would like the sync to work. Send us a message at or Sign up for an account to receive product updates. It's free! 

Meanwhile you can add bookings to your external calendar using calendar invite (.ics) file we will attach to the booking confirmation emails.

For Hosts - Payments, Invoicing and taxes

How does handle payments for services provided by Hosts?
Payments are processed through Stripe. Stripe is a payment processor that facilitates online transactions by securely handling payments between customers and businesses. 

Upon registering, a Stripe account is created for Host. Stripe account is linked to Host's bank account. After successful completion of the call Hosts receive payment to its Stripe account. Payments are available for Host to withdraw after 7 days in accordance with Stripe's risk mitigation policy. All available earnings are accumulated and Host can request the withdrawal  any time. Typically, it takes an additional 7 days for the funds to arrive in the host's bank account. A 7% commission for using the platform is deducted from available earnings.
What is the breakdown of the 7% commission deducted from Hosts' earnings?
he commission includes a 2% Stripe fee for transaction processing and a 5% fee for service. The commission is calculated based on the total service price, excluding VAT.
How can Hosts request a withdrawal of their earnings from
Hosts can request a withdrawal of their earnings through their Account Billing page once funds become available for withdrawal.
What currencies are supported?
Upon registering on Host can choose from EUR or USD currencies. Selected currency is further used for all financial transactions and reporting.

For Hosts - Invoicing and Taxes

Does also handle Invoice creation and sending?
Yes, automatically generates an invoice each time a call is successfully completed. The invoice is created on behalf of the host for their client, including the necessary information provided by both parties. Invoice is sent both to the client and to the host.
How does handle tax calculations for Hosts? handles tax calculations automatically, generating invoices with the necessary tax information based on the Host's legal settings, applicable tax rates and legal information provided by the Client.
What is the process for account deletion on
Hosts can request account deletion by contacting Account deletions are manually handled.

For Clients - Booking calls

How can Clients book calls with Hosts on
Client open the link to Hosts' public profile or particular offering, selects a date and time, enters some personal information, and proceed to Stripe for payment. After successful payment Client doesn't need to create an account to book a call.
What happens if a call needs to be rescheduled or canceled?
Both Hosts and Clients can reschedule or cancel calls before they begin. Tipcall handles this. Clients can't reschedule or cancel later than 12 hours before planned call. Hosts can reschedule or cancel call any time.
What if I forgot about the call?
Don't worry - we'll send a reminder email to you 24 hours and 1 hour before the call. Additionally, you can add the booking to your calendar by opening the attached calendar invite (.ics) file we will send to you in the booking confirmation email.
Can someone else make the payment for a booking?
Yes, we've considered scenarios where the person making the reservation is not the actual payer and may not have, for example, a company payment card. In such cases, Client can use the 'Send payment link to someone else' option available on the booking page. After entering an email address payment link is sent to the person who owns the payment card. The payer is required to complete the payment within 24 hours of the booking. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the booking, making the time slot available for others. In such case person who booked the call will be notified.

For Clients - Payments and Fees

What payment methods and countries are available?
Payment for calls can be made using a bank card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and China UnionPay payments from customers worldwide.
Are there any additional fees for Clients when making payments?
Clients are not charged any additional fees beyond the offering price set by the Host. The fees associated with payment processing and service are deducted from Host's earnings.
How are Clients notified about successful payments and transactions?
Clients receive notifications about successful payments and transactions through email.
How are refunds processed for Clients?
Refunds are automatically initiated in specific cases, such as when a call is canceled by the Host or Client, or if the Host didn't join the call at the planned time.
Do Clients receive invoices for the services they book on
Yes. Clients receive automatically created invoices on behalf of Host. These invoices include details of the service, transaction date, and tax information. If Client represents a company, they can enter the company's data upon booking, which will be used to generate the invoice. The invoice is generated and sent to the client after successfully completing a call with Host.
How does handle tax calculations for Clients? attempts to determine whether VAT should be applied based on the Host's legal settings, the applicable tax rates, and the Client's legal and VAT status.